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I have always loved houses, and everything about them. I remember as a child vividly describing my future dream house to my mother, and our current one comes pretty close to that vision! At 5, I fell in love with a tiny oil painting of a waterfront cottage with a windmill and sailboat in the local department store (probably because the entrance to our apartments featured a windmill), and I remember being so overcome with emotion at receiving it for my birthday, that I ran in tears to my room, sobbing with happiness! (And yes, I still have it!) While pursuing a career in music education, I have always relished furnishing and fluffing my homes, from college basement apartments to historic rental bungalows, from riverfront sanctuaries to island house getaways, always on a limited budget.  Honestly, my heart has started to race upon entering a perfect new source for furniture and decor, and so I finally decided to take the plunge and hang out my hat.  This is my passion, and I would love to consult, shop, rearrange, prepare to list, freshen one of your rooms or your whole house using unique finds to convey your personal expression and surround you and your family with interiors that bring you joy every day. Let me feather your nest!

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